Our Science
Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor at MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
is a world-renowned linguist and the  
man credited with writing "the final word"
in the phonology of the English language
along with Morris Halle, Professor of Linguistics
now retired from MIT.

Work with intuitive methods in language
shows that the method works.
Children are a perfect example, because
they learn only by listening to and repeating sounds ...

And setting them in a meaningful context.

Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique, France  

There is an emerging openness to alternative approaches in neuro-science with the new techniques that shows complex processes in brain activity. We are able to see processes in "real time", and this has  led to several reports being published. However the results of these new discoveries trickles down the slowest into the educational system. It's a big ship that takes a long time to turn.

STS offers a shortcut.

Laboratoire de Sciences et Cognitives Psycholinguistique, France

Unite INSERM 562, Service Hospitalier Frédéric Joliot, France

Service de Neuro-Pediatrics, CHU Bicetre, France

UMR 8606 CNRS and Université René Descartes, France

Received 1 December 2003; revised 22 June 2004; accepted 17 September 2004

French research unit INSERM-CEA conducted a study that confirmed the existence of different routes to the sounds of speech and the sounds are processed by the brain with very differing speeds.
Source: Ghislaine Dehaene-Lambertz, Christophe Pallier Willy Serniclaes, Liliane Sprenger-Charolles, Antoinette Jobert and Stanislas Dehaene:
"Neural correlates of auditory switching to speech perception."
NeuroImage, 24 (1): 21--33, January 2005 [PDF]
(document in English)

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