The applications are made for the following  operative systems:
*Android, version 2.2, and later

Minimum requirement:
* Touch screen
* Virtual keyboard
* Sound recording and playback
* Connection to the Internet.

Here you can download our new apps. Try out a free DEMO and  choose your app from inside it.

Version for smartphones and tablets running the Android OS
Please remember to download the course using the mobile phone and not the computer.

After clicking on "Download" and the download is complete, click "Install".
Click "Open".  Go to the menu language down on  the page and select the language you want to learn. Now you are set up.

We recommended that you spend some time recording your own voice, playing back and comparing pronunciation with the pronunciation of the teachers. You can even use the free DEMO to practice several other languages, before continuing.

The course opens to the intro and then the first first lesson. As you will guide you through the steps.

In the first stage you need to focus on listening to sentences and filling the gaps in the text version on the screen, typing in the missing letters. It forces you to carefully listen to specific sounds that you need to know and that is the key to training the brain to know how to recognize them. It is easy in the beginning, but as each sound is analysed things quickly become more demanding.
Every sentence you hear from the is the alternating of women's and men's voices. They are professional actors and all are native speakers.
The exercise involves repetition of sentences, in order to achieve greater effect learning. And then again: repetition intil you really KNOW the sentence by heart.
In the second step will be to repeat the sounds, which are on a higher level of difficulty.
You already got all the sounds in the first stage. Now you see only empty  boxes, one for each letter to be completed on the basis of what you hear.
You will record each spoken sentence, replay and compare with the voice of teachers.
You should repeat this procedure at least 10 times or more, until your reproduction is excellent.
In the third step will be to repeat the exercise and listened once again, but this time only ONE empty box for each word. You will need to listen and reproduce the the whole sentence "in one", and  then to  also  write it correctly.

In short: you use the new language.

You will continue to practice pronouncing, but now there is more emphasis on understanding. Since you will be focused on whole words, not only on individual letters, you learn to read fluently and understand.

In total, the course will teach you about 700 - 1000 words, most of which will occur very often in daily settings. You will be actively useing your new vocabulary and create new sentences, which will allow you to engage in open discussions.
Of course this alone is not enough to speak fluently in a foreign language, but it is a very good basis: identifying and easily grasping words, even in fluen speech. Then you are able to  reproduce them verbally and in writing, and you have correct pronounciation from the very start.
You will be able to continually improve the language and be able to practice more, by reading magazines, listening to the radio or chatting with people.
It is a proven method in the Nordic countries where it works effectively for 15 years. Now STS collaborates with the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun to perform studies that document the effectiveness of our method.
If you would like to read more about the scientific basis, click the "Learning" menu at the top.

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