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Karl Hofs√ł during a conference in Kazakhstan.  STS cooperated with Nokia and with the University in Almaty in a scientific analysis on our method.

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     SoToSpeak:  A truly new way to   learn languages
Learning a new language is a difficult task, but it is also one of the best investments you can make at a time when communication is so important. For many years we learn our mother tongue, and our parents and other adults are our coaches. When we learn foreign languages ‚Äč‚Äčin school or as adults, we do not have that comfort. However, we have another advantage - we are able to write and read independently and we have another advantage: motivation.

Still, many people fail to learn a foreign language. Even changing country of residence for a long time does not help them to speak properly in a new language. And also they often dont understand what is said to them.
Some believe that it must be so, because at some certain age the brain loses its ability to properly learn the language. Modern neurological research shows that this is not true and that the traditional ways we learn new languages ‚Äč‚Äčare fundamentally wrong.

The most effective way of learning and memory are frequent short exercises. The ideal would be to exercise every day, even several times a day.
In normal teaching each session effectively lasts only 10-20 minutes. Such exercises once or twice a week are simply a waste of time, but nevertheless this is the way most people learn foreign languages ‚Äč‚Äčin schools.

Most people spend their free time to practice. Our method allows you to learn in many situations: waiting in line, using the lunch hour, riding the bus to and from work or during leisure time, when our children are asleep.
The course must be easily accessible so that you can quickly begin. That's why we made our courses as a form of application for mobile phones. They are always handy, right?

Do not think that this is just another of the thousands of mobile applications that teach you some useful phrases such as "Good morning" and "Another beer, please...."

Each course is designed to teach you the language from scratch. The process takes 3-4 months of daily work, but after completion you will be able to grasp correctly what is being said in the new language. And when you meet an unknown word, you will know enough to learn that, as well, just from the context.

Your pronunciation will be close to native speakers. Your vocabulary is now about 700 - 1000 words, more than enough for basic conversation or to spontaneously create new sentences.
When you complete the course, you can continue to learn by reading books and magazines. You can also watch TV and talk to people. You speak.


What’s new about STS?

Starting from 2018, SotoSpeak Polska is able to offer Polish TIR drivers and people from the health care sector appropriate Swedish language courses in ToruŇĄ.

The courses correspond to the national requirements and assessments of the Swedish National Agency for Education (Swedish: Statens skolverk, colloquially called Skolverket).

We will offer "Studieväg 3" with 3C and 3D levels, which will open up employment opportunities for our contractors regarding standard employment contracts and domestic tariffs.
Now our application
comprises courses in:

Norwegian, Swedish, English, American English, German, French and Spanish.
The application is available in the following user languages:
Norwegian, Swedish, English, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian and Kazakh.
Work is ongoing for more user languages: Arabic, Kurdish, Romanian, Hungarian, Turkish.

12 november 2015
     Now we teach students  at UMK Copernicus Copernicus  University using the STS method
Now we teach the Norwegian language at the School of Foreign Languages. Classes are held in the classroom setting, with the support of our application, which works perfectly via an android plu-in to a large TV. In addition, students are able to download the application on their smartphones so they can exercise after classes at the university. We see significant results after just 20 hours, and students have both motivation and enthusiasm!

So To Speak: an  ongoing process
-We add more courses and user interface languages all the time. In addition to creating new software that uses our teaching methods, we also cooperate with universities, institutions and qualified developers, both both nationally and internationally.

We plan to create a language center in Poland. The headquarters of our company is located in the medieval city of Torun, Poland, and with representation in Swedish town of Stromstad.

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